At The Lake’s Edge

At The Lake’s Edge is a short narrative-driven exploration and horror game done in two months. It is a 1-player game in which the player will have to explore the village to discover how and why it has been abandoned.

At night, a little girl awakens in an abandoned village and has to explore it to find the church, where her parents are supposed to be. She’s only possessing a lamp that is producing light to hide from the horrors waiting in the dark. However, the lamp is not going to last forever and the young girl has to manage correctly her resources if she wants to survive.

The camera angles have been thought as if the game was an horror movie to increase the feeling of fear and apprehension. They mostly respond to the classic and implicit rules of cinematography instead to what could be expected from a video game (a classic TPS or FPS camera).

  • Leticia Clerc, game designer & programmer
  • Léonard Delarche, game designer & narrative designer
  • Edgard Imbert, level designer & level artist
  • Séverin Jacob, game designer & programmer
  • Charles Moeuf-Courtois, project manager, game designer & narrative designer
  • Alexis Sonnier, level designer & sound designer