Shape of Seasons

Shape of Seasons (SoS) is a top-down contemplative puzzle game done in two months with several constraints: it had to be peaceful, playable with one hand and colorblind-friendly.

In SoS, you can only change the shape of your character – you can be either a cube, a pyramid, a ball or a prism. Each shape is linked with its very own season, so when you change your shape you also change the season of the game. All of the puzzles are based on these two specific elements and you constantly have to change shapes and seasons to progress.

We also tried to implement a narrative aspect without using any text, dialog or even NPCs, with the idea of seasons illustrating the passing time and each big part of the game symbolizing an important step in a human life, such as teens, adulthood, the old age, and so on.

  • Leticia Clerc, game designer & manager
  • Léonard Delarche, game designer & programmer
  • Tanguy Gallard, game designer, level designer & QA tester
  • Clément Gallardo, game designer, art director & VFX artist
  • Jeremy Hours, game designer & level designer